Work Out Service Ltd. is a dynamically developing, prudent claim management company, highly appreciated by its partners and exclusively owned by Hungarian founders, which participates in the claim enforcement of the most important market operators since its foundation.
Our company’s activity covers management of claims secured by property mortgage as well as claims without security, and all activities in relation to property management, including among others occupation, survey and full administration of properties.
Our company performs asset recovery for more multinational members of FMCG sector, in the course of which we are searching for the assets laid out by our Partners and provide help in the recovery of them. We are proud of being a member of Hungarian Association of Claim Managers and Business Information Providers (MAKISZ). In the course of its activity our company – in compliance with the principles of (MAKISZ) – gives special attention to the general and market appreciation of its Partners and aim to support its partnerships.


Personal visits

All of our qualified and experienced specialists have official financial intermediator exam issued by MNB (National Bank of Hungary), accordingly our Partners can trust our reliable and professional actions in the course of personal visits.

Multitudinous case management

Our effective office system and processes help us in the takeover and management of our Partner’s thousands of cases, month by month. We immediately start the management of cases handed over and we finish the processing of them until the deadline agreed; we also undertake a short deadline for processing of special and urgent projects.

Effective contact

This is essential for reaching an agreement between the parties to find the debtor and to have negotiation with him

Accurate administration

Our effective information system and the flexible administration processes reflecting our client’s interest make our Partners able to follow up all phases of claim enforcement which provide them up to date information about the management of cases handed out. We pay special attention to get in touch with our Partners as well as with the clients in order to inform them on the results of our work as soon as possible.

Call center

Our call center administrators are continuously in touch with the debtors, which helps us to support the regular payment of debts not only in the first phase of the claim enforcement procedure, but also during the follow-up of the payment agreements.


During our work we pay special attention to comply with legal rules as well as professional recommendations and to find a solution for the payment of debts, which satisfy the need of our Partners and also acceptable for the debtors. All that help us to support the maintenance of positive social appreciation of the Partners and to save their partnerships.









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